Risk Management

Offered through SOLOMON-JOSEPH’s operational risk services.

Risk Management as a Service (RMaaS):  Retained support for growing organizations that need risk support but do not require full-time resources

  • Flexible risk support arrangements to assist small to medium sized organizations
  • Enables businesses to focus on core competencies instead of risk management
  • Cost effective support for organizations of all sizes
  • “Surge” support resources for busy times of year (e.g., renewal, post-disaster/business disruption)

Risk Management Integration (e.g., Risk Governance): For organization that have different teams managing risk issues across the organization, we help in building greater coordination across stakeholders (e.g., Insurance, Health & Safety, Environmental (HSE), IT/Cyber Risk, Security)

  • Better coordination between risk teams
  • Greater awareness and understanding of other risk functions to reduce conflicts
  • Enhanced clarity of risk management roles and responsibilities
  • Alignment of business priorities and the role of risk management in supporting these priorities

Risk Assessment/Risk Analysis: Formal process for identifying, evaluating and prioritizing issues that could negatively impact the business/organization

  • Focus of concern (e.g., corporate, business unit, department, or function level)
  • Types of issues/threats that could impact the business
  • Likelihood that the issue/threat might occur
  • Existing protections to avoid or reduce the impact of an issue/threat
  • Business decisions based on risk data

Business Continuity Management (BCM):  A proactive process that enables an organization to continue its operations following a major disruption

  • Focus on the most critical business process
  • Understand what is required to continue operating (people, equipment, IT, suppliers, facilities)
  • Amount of time needed to recovery processes
  • Maximum amount of time that process can be interrupted
  • Dependencies on other business processes
  • Alternatives to keep operations going

Insurance Program Support:  Retained assistance to minimize unforeseen gaps in insurance coverage

  • Support in working with brokers to align coverage
  • Annual insurance renewal support
  • Property/Casualty claims support with broker
  • Assistance with underwriter required inspections/reviews

Physical Security Advisory Service: Project based support to help organizations optimize their security strategy

  • Review of existing security policy and procedures for gaps
  • Physical site(s) evaluation and risk assessment
  • Corporate Security Program Development – policies and procedures
  • Incident investigative services

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